Often quantitative, “data” includes counts, statistics, or the results of calculations. Data may include text fields that are standardized and/or highly formatted. Data is usually stored in a database and is provided in spreadsheets. Examples: a collection of directory information (names, titles, emails, addresses, phone number); number of students with distributions by level and ethnicity; survey results; etc.

Note: If you are asking for data AND information, please use the DATA request form. Example: Provide graduation rates for African-American and Hispanic students by gender; explain any trends and describe any programs or initiatives the institution has in place to promote on-time graduation.

Often qualitative and more free-form in nature, this would include things that describe, explain, elaborate on, or provide context for. Examples: explain recent trends in…, describe any programs or initiatives that you have related to…, provide examples of…, explain how your campus will be impacted by the changing law regarding…, what do you think about…, describe your organizational structure, etc.

Use this form only for requests that are already existing recurring requests that have been made on a regular schedule, collecting mainly the same data or information each time. These requests only need to be entered one time unless there are substantive changes made to the data or information collected.